Enchong is ready for everyday emergencies

Enchong is ready for everyday emergencies Enchong is ready for everyday emergencies Enchong is ready for everyday emergencies Enchong is ready for everyday emergencies Enchong is ready for everyday emergencies Enchong is ready for everyday emergencies

Enchong Dee has a new role to play — as the official brand ambassador of Technopack, an alternative line of bags offering value for money, function and style for the urban adventurer.

“I am happy to endorse Technopack because now there’s a line of bag that’s both affordable and trendy. I’ve tried and used several of their bags for sometime now and I can personally vouch for it. You know, of course, that I don’t endorse something that I haven’t tried out,” shared Enchong during the Technopack’s recent contract-signing event.

Ernest Lorenzo Velasquez Dee in real life, the La Salle graduate hails from Naga City, Camarines Sur. How does he feel about being 23 and about his growing fame and fortune?

“I am so filled with gratitude to all the people who have supported me, especially my fans. At the same time, I feel I need to pay forward all these blessings. That’s why I try to turn an endorsement as opportunity for advocacy.”

With Technopack’s assistance, Enchong put together tips in organizing one’s everyday bag into a 24-hour survival kit. He said, “These days of climate change when summer is at times rainy and the rainy season is often dry and summer-ish, you never know what will get you when you step out of your home — oppressive heat or sudden heavy downpours, flooded streets and monstrous traffic jams that leave you stranded on the road for hours. Think of your everyday bag as a 24-hour survival kit like a mini-mobile home just in case you’re faced with an emergency, especially if home is far from your place of study or work.”

He added, “Technopack Drypak 30 is ideal for this — it’s waterproof and can serve as lifesaving floater when sealed tight and filled with sufficient amount of your stuff.”

Now that you have the appropriate bag, you can now start putting your 24-hour basics: Foldable umbrella, light water-resistant jacket with hood and a small working flashlight with fresh batteries especially if you work or live in high-rise buildings. Water (preferably one liter to last you the day), food like banana and crackers, and your special medicines for frequently occurring ailments like cold, cough, diarrhea, hypertension, etc. preferably in a tightly sealed pill box, can all go into one compartment.

Your wallet should contain at all times extra cash stashed away for emergency use only, ATM card and credit card (preferably used for emergencies only, too). More importantly, there should be a personal identification document with your photo, personal contact info of complete home and office addresses and landline phones in addition to at least three nearest relatives or friends who can be called during emergencies or you can stay the night with in case you have to.

Your cell phone (always fully charged before leaving home) kit must include a charger, extra load if you’re on pre-paid mode, and list of emergency hotlines in your work and home area.

Source: Philippine Star

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