Enchong Dee’s Colorful Life

Enchong Dee's Colorful Life“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t have vices.” This is ABS-CBN Star Magic artist Enchong Dee’s claim in a recent press conference done for a health brand that he now endorses.

Aside from making sure that he is always healthy, Enchong shared another reason why he would rather live cleanly. He’s is frugal with his finances. For him, vices are red alerts not just to his health but also to his wallet because for him, these are unnecessary costs. Enchong explained, “If you’re going to smoke every day, a pack of cigarettes, how much is that going to cost you?”

In the said press conference, Enchong good humoredly accepted when the word “kuripot” was candidly thrown around. He jokingly retorted that this is not the reason why he still doesn’t have a girlfriend. When prodded about his current love status, the single 22-year old shared that he does have a current inspiration. But when asked who this is, he slightly turned red and said he’d rather keep her identity secret for now.

Enchong is a middle child with two other siblings. He was born and raised in Naga City, Bicol. He was discovered because of his swimming career. This happened at the SEA Games 2006 when he became a sports celebrity and developed a set of fans that up to this day follow and support him completely.
Enchong’s training days have reinforced in him an innate desire to stay healthy. During the shoot of one of his webisodes, we caught Enchong preparing to jog at 9:00am despite having gone home at 1:00am from taping. Regardless of his busy schedule, he will finds time to exercise. “Kapag inalis mo sa akin ang swimming, it’s like you’re taking a very big part of me away.” His dedication to sports is apparent when you enter his house and see his wall of medals and trophies.

After jogging, Enchong prepared his own breakfast that consisted of bread, eggs and a juicy red apple. “When it comes to my diet, I make sure that I eat healthy too. Once someone told me to eat all different colors of fruits and vegetables a day because each color has different vitamins and nutrients that my body needs. Kaya lagi may fruits sa bahay and I make sure na ang meals ko laging may gulay.”

For many clean-living folks like Enchong, good health begins with a daily dose of color, be it green, purple, red, yellow or white! Find out this week how Enchong Dee adds color to his life in Episode RED. Catch the exclusive video we caught of Enchong as he allowed us to follow him during his very personal time at home.

“Clean living ako and this is because I want to be a good role model to people my age.” May Enchong’s lifestyle serve as an inspiration to many like himself.

Source: Yahoo! OMG